Mizuwari bar soho bincho

Mizuwari bar soho

*Mizuwari and Bincho have unfortunately closed.*

Tucked under the delightfully aromatic Bincho Yakitori in Soho, you’ll find the mecca for Japan’s national drink. No, not that one … it’s whisky, and it’s beautiful. Mizuwari is a dark and atmospheric den with soft lighting and international loungey tunes lightly playing over the speakers.

For drinks, you can go for whisky straight up or the Mizuwari way: in a highball mixed with binchotan filtered water. And since (some) Japanese whisky is said to be more approachable, it’s perfect for cocktails. Try the Little Red Light so bar manager Niya can hand carve an ice ball for your Hakushu Suntory whisky, Amaro Cynar and vermouth mix with a dash of blood orange and marmalade bitters … an elegant and easygoing sipper.

Early in the week it’s an intimate and quiet setting, perfect for chatting to the knowledgeable bar staff about the impressive eastern whisky selection. Later in the week, the tiny space can pack out with everyone throwing back the water of life.

Best Bars tip: There’s no amateur drinking here as edamame is provided and you can order a few damn tasty bar-bite skewers to get your nibble on. Ranging from duck with wasabi to veggie-friendly options like Japanese sweet peppers — all can be eaten with decorum, so don’t worry about spilling in front of your date.

— Sasha Filimonov, @SashaSips

Mizuwari bar soho bincho

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