Elixir Tonics and Treats

Elixir Tonics and Treats Manchester champagne and smoke

Elixir Tonics and Treats ManchesterAn airy pretty spot in the city, Elixir Tonics and Treats is all about the details. From the twinkling branches to the oil candles on the tables, this place can make you feel special even on a heaving Friday night.

The cocktail menu is divided into Tonics (dry), Treats (sweet), Purgatory to Paradise (balanced), and Specialities. For those with a sweet tooth, go all out with Life is Sweet a boozy milkshake made with Chambord, Mozart white chocolate, strawberry liqueur then served in a frosty Paris shaker with a mini cupcake garnish. For a more balanced tipple, order the Elixir of Love made with No. 3 Gin and a splash of rose syrup then served in a potions bottle with a mini silver glass, a bespoke almond and rose chocolate, then a sprinkling of edible flowers.

The founders have lots of experience running weddings, so don’t be surprised when your drinks come out with perfect garnishes and a bit of squeal factor. And if you want your mood enhanced be it for motivation, determination or concentration elixirs are on the house.

Best Bars tip: Can’t decide what to drink? Get “The Little Birdcage” a cocktail tasting menu with eight mini coupettes to share.

— Sasha Filimonov, @SashaSips

Elixir Tonics and Treats Manchester champagne and smoke

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