Punch Room at the London Edition Hotel

Punch Room at London Edition Hotel

Punch Room at the Edition Hotel

Situated in one of the city’s most grandiose hotels (just one look at the lobby ceiling and you’ll know why), the Punch Room at the London Edition Hotel offers an intimate and relaxed setting for imbibers – with lots of punchy punch, a flickering fireplace and regular live music events.

Make sure to reserve if you’re swinging by later in the week, then come on in to the warm and woody room lined with soft banquettes. Once you take your seat, swig back the welcome drink while you decide what punch to go for. This is all about sharing folks, so bring along a few fellow drinkers. For a floral and flagrant experience, go for the Edition Punch with Tanqueray gin, oak moss syrup, orange blossom water and jasmine tea. For a richer concoction, try the Milk Punch. Cocktail geekery at its finest, this isn’t a heavy white-washed number but rather a silky smooth affair with a faint touch of spice and full robust flavours.

The crowd here is a healthy mix, from after-work media types to coupled up out of towners, so long as you behave you can fit right in. Oh yeah, no bookings for more than six – don’t bring the whole gang at once.

Best Bars tip: Keen for a dance? There’s a nightclub downstairs that’s all about the boogie — no bottle service, just a speedy bar (with slushie cocktails), a dancefloor and great tunes. 

— Sasha Filimonov, @SashaSips


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