Dusk Til Pawn

Dusk Til Pawn Manchester

Dusk Til Pawn ManchesterDusk til Pawn is Manchester’s answer to a New York-style speakeasy: hidden behind a fake pawn shop window, you’re unlikely to find this spot by accident.

Enter the dark room within and the bartenders will mix you any cocktail you so desire. Try the classic Smoky Old Fashioned — served in a smoked jam jar, you have to be patient and wait for the smoke to infuse in the dark, rich whisky. The sweet Pawn Star Martini will entertain you as it lightens up the dark bar while the passionfruit flamboyantly burns off.  Want to go off menu? Ask for the award-winning Integral Mind Boom. It’s a unique mix of Irish whiskey, almond, tabasco, fresh basil, lime and ginger ale. And with over 20 bourbons on offer, you can’t go wrong with the stuff.

For the crowd, think hip and bearded yet still mellow and friendly. And for a cheeky dance, you can head next door to Noho. As they say, “every exit is an entrance somewhere”.

Best Bars tip: Get there early – it’s small, so tables are at a premium. Perfect for late afternoon drinking to start your night off (with a free jukebox to boot), but beware, you may never want to leave.

— Bacon on the Beech

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