Garibaldi's Edinburgh
Garibaldi's Edinburgh
Kinga Sosnowska

This cheeky spot is where Edinburgh comes to play. Garibaldi’s is a colourful Mexican-themed institution, beloved by all, boozed in by all, pole danced in by all. It’s late-night partying seven days a week, and it’s impossible not to shed your inhibitions here … the tequila shooters will make sure of that.

The lit-up dancefloor is all disco, all the time. And have a go on the pole if you’re feeling brave. Careful though — many have tried and it’s rarely a pretty sight. Plus the mirrored ceiling ensures you get a bird’s eye view of your failings and flailings. Just remember to wear your Gari’s bruises with pride, it’s a badge of honour in these parts.

The crowd is everyone: from off-duty bartenders to uni students to post-work party crews, all come here to cut loose. And during the Fringe festival, there are rumours Gari’s gets a late license boost all the way up to 5am.

Best Bars tip: Buddy up to the bartenders, they might give you a go with the Mexican wrestling masks. Sure to spice up your selfies.

— Sasha Filimonov, @SashaSips

Garibaldi's Edinburgh
Kinga Sosnowska

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