The Ginstitute at the Portobello Star

Ginstitute Portobello Star

Ginstitute Portobello Star

Take a saunter down the pastel-tinged Portobello Road and nip in to its Star for some big gin lovin’. The Ginstitute is a passion project from bar owner Jake Burger, and if you book yourself in for a session then you may be lucky enough to get schooled by the industry legend himself. Clear your evening folks as the next three hours are all about the gin.

The first hour you’ll spend in the museum of gin, a small room that pays tribute to the gin palaces of yore. And while you admire those dusty bottles of near-unrecognisable Beefeater, you’ll learn the deepest darkest secrets of gin’s past. Things don’t stay gloomy for too long, as those G&Ts will start to kick in and the glamorous era of gin begins to take form.

Next you’ll be ready to get your hands on the good stuff: from tasting to smelling to breaking every botanical of the countless ones available in The Still Room. And as you’ll be making gin in its birthplace of London, at the end of the night your very own custom-made spirit will wear the badge of London Dry Gin with honour.

Best Bars tip: This is a real treat for gin and non-gin lovers alike. Bring a mate along to revel in this intimate informative gin journey – but just don’t forget to eat before. Can’t be looking like a novice in front of the pros.

— Sasha Filimonov, @SashaSips


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