Peg + Patriot

Peg and Patriot Bethnal Green Road

Peg and Patriot Bethnal Green RoadNestled in Bethnal Green’s classically beautiful Town Hall Hotel, there’s a hot spot that will tempt you further eastward — just beyond the boundaries of Shoreditch. Peg + Patriot is the latest haunt from talented drinksman Matt Whiley (of Talented Mr Fox), and he’s bringing his unique style of cocktail-making to the East End.

Expect an adventurous menu with wild concoctions like the Pho Money, Pho Problems with viet-spiced vodka, pak choi, lime leaf and lime. For simple serves, you’ll be treated to Matt’s home-brand Moonshine Kid Dog’s Nose Gin as well as other in-house spirits. And if you’re trying to stay away from the booze, then these mocktails are your dream come true. Get all the flavour of an Aperol Spritz or a G&T with none of the alcohol. For reals. *Don’t ask us how they do it, ask the bartenders … it’s magic.*

The bar pays tribute to the grandeur and opulence of the original Town Hall building, yet there is a level of restraint that keeps things just the right amount of casual. And with plenty of spots to perch around the island bar — with an extra brass counter for your drinks — this is perfect for bar-side or table-side boozing.

Best Bars tip: Come here with an open mind and open belly, because after working your way through the culinary cocktails — you should head over the hallway to the Typing Room, where Atherton-alum Lee Westcott is slinging seasonal British dishes with clean flavours and innovative serves.

— Sasha Filimonov, @SashaSips

Peg and Patriot Liquid Christmas Dinner

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