BYOC London


A speakeasy with a difference, BYOC – aka Bring Your Own Cocktail – asks you to provide the spirits. They’ll do the rest.

A mystic drinks trolley is operated by an experienced barman, who works his way around tables, talks through your tastes, and creates cocktails from your liquor stock accordingly. You can cram in a surprising amount of off-menu cocktails into a two-hour slot – a bottle of gin can get you quite far, with cucumber-tinged Coolers, berry-flavoured Fizzes and a quirky twist on an Old Fashioned all becoming options.

In true speakeasy fashion, BYOC is found on a need-to-know basis, hidden below a Covent Garden juice bar. Navigate the slim staircase down and you’ll find a low-lit room with just a few tables and a gramophone recreating that hazy Prohibition atmosphere of yesteryear.

Best Bars tip: Get talking to tables nearby and see if you can pool your booze resources – sure to help supply more creative cocktails from your adept trolley keeper. 

— Laura Richards, @Lala_Richards

BYOC London

Author: bestbarsuk

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