Kosmonaut Manchester

Kosmonaut, Manchester

One of the must visits for any to-do list. Kosmonaut takes away the outer-space element, and throws in a luxurious booze cupboard with food and music to match.

Boasting on average 60 craft beers, alongside a recently jazzed up cocktail menu with punny names such as Totes Amazeballs, My Sharona and the perfect lovers tiff creation, Make Love Not War – a gin-based drink with elderflower, lychee and strawberry. Not all loved up? Perhaps the more Monday morning suitable Crying At The Piscotech – with amples of Pisco and marmalade mixed with lime and apricot – will do the trick as you stare dreamily / crying into the wonders of the Northern Quarter.

Spot on for a Sunday roast too, and they tweet the hell out of new beer offerings, so there’s always something good to drink at this neighbourhood hangout.

Best Bars tip: Get a booth early. They’re like gold dust once 6pm hits.

— Dave Marsland

Kosmonaut, Manchester

Author: bestbarsuk

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