The Last Word Saloon

The Last Word Saloon Edinburgh
The Last Word Saloon
© DN Anderson

Nestled in the slightly quieter area of Stockbridge, Last Word Saloon is a cosy below-ground haunt with everything you’d want in a home away from home. Fireplace? Check. Chartreuse fountain? Check. Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor stand-up playing in the loos? Check and check.

Expect an experimental-cum-classic menu and don’t leave here without tasting The Last Word – Fifty Pounds Gin, Green Chartreuse, Maraschino liqueur and fresh lime served straight up. You’ll get those herbal notes but the Maraschino is there to balance things out. Put your faith in the bartenders who are a seriously capable lot, and will whip you up a few wildly tasty variations of their namesake drink. And if this is still too adventurous, go for the elevated simple serves or one of the guest beers. For a nibble, indulge yourself with an Elvis toastie: banana, peanut butter and bacon on white. Probably best if you don’t have too many of these, as tasty as they may be.

This is ideal for a relaxed evening with pals or a casual date night. Grab a seat near the fire or get cosy in a nook – the dark green walls, low ceilings, indie tunes and antique knick-knacks will put you right at ease. For a bit of gaming, challenge your drinking partner to a game of darts.

Best Bars tip: Keep an eye out for the live music nights — these are the kinds of intimate gigs dreams are made of.

— Sasha Filimonov, @SashaSips

The Last Word Saloon
© DN Anderson

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