MEATliquor Brighton

Meatliquor Brighton

Meatliquor Brighton

This dark n’ dirty American-style joint opened in late 2013, following much fanfare from those who’d visited its no-reservations, queues-around-the-block London original. MEATliquor Brighton is more fluorescent than its counterpart – you can read the menu for a start – but the music is just as loud, pumping out 90s hip-hop and 80s classics. It’s also attracting the same crowd – the city’s young and hip.

For the non-boozers, a Black Cow coke float is the way to go. And for those with a thirst on, we say skip the wine and bottled beer for a cocktail or two: they’re certainly not your average offerings. We recommend a Donkey Punch – a heady mix of vodka, fresh lime, ginger syrup and beer, served on the rocks with an absinth rinse. Punchy indeed. The Money Shot – Irish whiskey shaken with Brooklyn beer, bitters, sugar, egg and grated nutmeg – also does the trick.

While the burgers aren’t quite the same as those from its older sibling, do make sure you order some fried pickles and buffalo wings to soak up all the booze. Both alone are worth the trip.

Best Bars tip: You generally won’t have to wait for a table if you rock up after 8pm mid-week, plus this branch takes reservations for groups of six or more. No more queues? We’ll raise a glass of Donkey Punch to that.

— Heather Steele, @steeleheather

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