La Perla

La Perla Covent Garden

La Perla

The people behind the bar at La Perla have an incredible gift, the ability to take you straight to Mexico in one swig from a bottle. Not any bottle though – the bar prides itself on its selection of tequilas and mezcals, of which they have over a hundred including the whole own-brand Ocho range.

Margarita lovers will find themselves in boozy paradise, with a long list of fruit numbers to dip in. We love the Blue Twist for its mix of sweet blueberry and sharp lemon. La Perla is all about tropical fun, so don’t resist the party and let yourself be tempted into trying out a bit more. For something on the smokier end of the spectrum, try the Mezcal Margarita – and if you’re not sure how to navigate the menu, the staff will be happy to help. Don’t leave without getting a tapa or two – the spicy duck quesadillas are something else – or call ahead to sit down in front of a plate of flaming chilli con carne.

Sitting on Covent Garden’s ever popular Maiden Lane, this place is perfect for unwinding on a Friday night or catching up with fellow booze-loving friends. And for a slightly more upscale affair, book yourself in for a few cocktails at their upstairs bar, El Nivel.

Best Bars tip: Get there early – it’s happy hour every weekday from 4 to 7pm, with a large selection of drinks half price as well as pitchers to pass round. 

— Gaëlle Laforest, @gaellelaforest

La Perla

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