51% Bourbon

51% Bourbon Leeds

51% Bourbon Leeds Leeds hits Route 66 with specialist spirits bar 51% Bourbon. Boasting the biggest selection of bourbons in the North, this relaxed late-night venue channels laid-back vibes of the Deep South and provides an unrivalled treat for your whisky-palate.

Serving almost 100 varieties of the golden spirit, the bar’s offering would impress even the most educated connoisseur. But don’t worry if you can’t tell your Woodford from your velvet-bagged Papp Van Vinkle, 51% makes bourbon accessible with tastings, cheese and chocolate pairing sessions, a diverse whisky cocktail menu and enthusiastic bar staff ready to pass on their encyclopedic knowledge. As the bar’s slogan “more than just bourbon” suggests, if you fancy a night off from the hard stuff there’s the option of non-bourbon cocktails, beer and wine.

Situated off Leeds’ main strip and open from 5pm-2am/4am, the bar is a haven from the bustling city centre. So pull up a stool round a whisky barrel table, mellow out to authentic blues and Motown sounds, and soak up your boozy finds.

Best Bars tip: Try the £12 tasting board of assorted whisky offerings for the full bourbon experience. 

— Mieke-Kyra Smith, @mieke_chu

51% Bourbon Leeds

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