Gordon’s Wine Bar

Gordon's Wine Bar

Gordon's Wine Bar 5A London institution, Gordon’s Wine Bar started satisfying punters over a century ago – yep, this place has been going since 1890. And this long-standing vino paradise shows no signs of waning: any given night (or afternoon for that matter), you’re likely to see a packed house and patio – rooms full of people sipping back on bottles of red, white and rosé.

Inside you’ll find a small network of candlelit cellars under exposed brickwork, perfect for cosying up with a date or having a laugh with a group of mates. And if you’re hungry, the buffet bar will be sure to satiate with everything from cheese to cold plates to grilled meat sandwiches. But let’s remember why you’re really here (other than the antiquated atmosphere) – wine, and lots of it. Don’t try and go off-piste, stick with the grape stuff and you’ll do just fine. From affordable half-bottles to bubbles to cold dry sherries … there’s enough variety for even the biggest wine novices to find something for them.

This is historic London with a wino edge. And with live music outside in the summers, you can bop along to the tunes on one of the alfresco tables. Gordon’s is all-day, year-round perfection.

Best Bars tip: Arrive early, and we do mean early, to snag yourself a cave and drink the 1890 way. Be careful though, sometimes these old caves drip – but the plentiful drops of wine will more than make up for it.

— Sasha Filimonov

Gordon's Wine Bar cave

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