Bone Daddies

Bone Daddies Soho ramen

Bone DaddiesYou might not suspect that Bone Daddies do more than food, so get ready for a surprise. This place is called a ramen bar, and rightly so – the menu hides a (short) selection of cocktails whose delicate Asian flavours are a refreshing compliment to the flavoursome ramen.

Ordering a drink will take you straight to Asia – with flavours of yuzu, plum and lychee. The cocktail menu changes fast, but try a Chuhai 2.0 if you get a chance, with bursting passionfruit, mango and Japanese shochu. For real tough drinkers there are some stronger picks, including a selection of sake and Japanese whisky. Dare not leave without having some food, the ramen here is some of the best in London. Not afraid of heat? The tantanmen ramen is rich and fiery, with a welcome touch of crunch from the peanuts. Be sure to ask for extra cock scratchings – you’ll never have the occasion to say this out loud again.

Make it early, the no-bookings policy means the queue starts lengthening quite fast, and Bone Daddies isn’t that big. Grab a seat by the window if you can – it’s bright and perfect for people watching (and Soho has its fair share of characters).

Best Bars tip: Ramen is a messy business, but the thoughtful chaps at Bone Daddies have bibs and hair ties at the ready. Check in the pots on your table or ask the staff for slurping-proof gear.

— Gaëlle Laforest, @gaellelaforest

Bone Daddies Chuhai 2.0

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