The Plough

The Plough in Harbone

The Plough in HarbonePut a gun to our head (please don’t actually do that) and ask us to name our favourite Birmingham gastropub and The Plough is our answer. Modern, fun, spacious, friendly – it’s front-to-back brilliant.

The slow cooked beef brisket is a storming main course, but the gnocchi runs it a close second. Local brewery Purity and Herefordshire’s Wye Valley brewery are rightfully well represented behind the bar, while the wine menu is brief but utterly accomplished, just how we like it.

Lazy weekend days can be whiled away indoors, if need be, or in the delightful beer garden when weather permits. Expect laptop tapping, pizza aplenty and a constant but never overwhelming conversational hum. Marvellous.

Best Bars tip: The Plough is one of only three places in the UK that own a slayer coffee machine. Staff train for 10 weeks to be able to use it! Unsurprisingly the coffee is outstanding.

— Tom Cullen

The Plough in Harbone


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