Sandinista Leeds latin American cocktail bar Prepare for liberation and libations amigos as Leeds gets a full-blown taste of Latin America at Sandinista, a fun and feisty cocktail joint.

At the heart of Sandinista is an award-winning cocktail menu – a true testament to its talented team. All drinks are blind-tasted so the backbar only stocks the very best flavours. The list is largely made up of recipes from owner Si’s many travels to the bar’s spiritual home with his most recent creation, Amora Mora, containing two locally-sourced juices found on his last trip. Cocktails aside, the bar also serves up an impressive offering of spirits, wines and craft beer. Sandinista’s Latin influences are carried through to the food menu with tapas and sharing platters.

The bar heats up after 10pm when the restaurant transforms into a dancefloor and the kitchen moonlights as a DJ booth. A nod to the bar’s revolutionary nature, the music played is this of the people, so expect an eclectic mix of rock, old school hip-hop, funk and cult classics.

Best Bars tip: Try the Lulo Daiquiri. It’s not only Sandinista’s bestseller but also contains thirty times your daily vitamin C fix. Healthy enough for you?

— Mieke-Kyra Smith, @mieke_chu

Sandinista Leeds latin American cocktail bar

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