Norjske Birmingham

Norjske BirminghamNörjske, a stunning little Scandinavian bar, boasts a typically chic interior with white walls playing off against clean black tiling. Keep an eye out for the glittery stag’s head. We likey.

Signature Aquavit cocktails combine with superb Czech and Scottish beers to make for a stylish, sophisticated conception, but it’s the impeccable wine list that steals the show. Meat, fish and cheese smörgåsbords make up the mainstay of the food options, with fish the real pick of the bunch.

Expect diners satiated from the Michelin-starred Simpsons opposite, to stop by for post-meal drinks, as well as Edgbaston’s elite. They’re about as high-up as it gets.

Best Bars tip: The Romanian Sauvignon Blanc is wonderfully quaffable.

— Tom Cullen

Norjske Birmingham

Author: bestbarsuk

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