The Wick Inn

The Wick Inn Brighton Hove

The Wick Inn Brighton Hove

The vivid green Wick Inn is one of our favourite Hove hangouts. From the outside, you’ll spot rows of globes lining the window sills. This might seem odd, but once you’re inside, you’ll see that this is all part of the décor. This is a cool space: think of a traditional pub, complete with wooden panels and high ceilings. Then imagine it embellished with mirrors, old framed photos and posters and the aforementioned globes. We love it.

While the central bar gives the place the look of a gin palace, this is a haven for continental ale and craft beer lovers. There’s also a changing selection of local offerings, plus Greenwich Meantime IPA on tap, and a great wine list. If you’re feeling peckish, The Wick Inn also serves a range of authentic Thai dishes.

Meanwhile, downstairs is the Sorcerer’s Speakeasy bar – a prohibition-themed den which puts on regular events.  Here you’ll find yourself sipping on Mint Juleps and Old Fashioneds, while fellow guests in 1920s fancy dress convince you to have one more pickleback. Well, it would be rude not to.

Best Bars tip: Make sure you book the speakeasy evenings in advance – it might be new on the scene, but it’s popular and seating is limited.

— Heather Steele, @steeleheather

The Wick Inn Brighton

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