Danger of Death

Danger of Death Brick Lane

Danger of Death Brick LanePssst. Hey. You, yes you. Looking for a secret subterranean drinking hole? Want some killer cocktails? You do? Then step right this way. The first challenge when going to Danger of Death is finding the place, but luckily we are here to make it easy for you. At the beigel shop end of Brick Lane is a bar/coffee shop called Full Stop, and it’s underneath there. Enter Full Stop, open the door on the right and go down the stairs, and it’s the door on the left at the bottom. You might need to knock or ring a bell, but don’t be scared, it’s well worth it.

Danger of Death is part of the Rushmore Group and if you’ve been to Milk & Honey then you’ll spot the similarities straight away. Danger is a dimly lit, long, thin room, lined with tin tiles and playing a soft soundtrack of prohibition jazz. The bar is to the left and there are booths along the wall which open out to a slightly larger space with more seating. We’re big fans of the nuclear themed menu and its clever play on words, i.e. “walk in, fall out”, which aptly describes an evening spent here. There are twenty cocktails, and if you manage to try them all (not in one night!) then you get a £50 bar tab.

Up until early 2014, Danger was members only, but now the doors are open to all. Typically you’ll find those “in the know” and small groups here. It’s a quiet, relaxed place, and is the ideal spot to have up your sleeve to impress a date or friends.

Best Bars tip: We’ve known it to close early when it’s not busy, so if you’re going – don’t leave it too late and phone ahead so they know you’re coming.

— Andrew Finnegan

Danger of Death Brick Lane

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