The Howlin’ Wolf

The Howlin' Wolf Glasgow

The Howlin' Wolf Glasgow

One of Bath Street’s latest additions, The Howlin’ Wolf offers up something for the soul brother in all of us. Already a destination for bar and restaurant staff across the city after a long shift, it has carved out a new, slightly older audience for itself when compared to most of the other bars along the same stretch of tarmac.

A well-thought-out seating arrangement makes the large space very welcoming and offers both privacy and public interaction depending on the direction in which the almost ever-present live music gently sways you.

The sticky honey barbeque wings are dy-no-mite as is the four cheese pizza, cleverly named “Blue Men Sing the Whites”. Boom! You will not be short of refreshing accompaniments either as the backbar is extensive while the huge selection of tap and bottled beers are both local and international – offering up something for all wannabe craft beer enthusiasts.

Best Bars tip: Pop down after midnight for a cracking late night feed and an ice-cold brewski.

— Phil Robins

The Howlin' Wolf Glasgow

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