Artesian at the Langham Hotel

Artesian cocktail Digidiva

Artesian bar Langham hotel cocktails LondonOfficially voted “World’s Best Bar”, the Artesian at the Langham Hotel is a must for fancy booze fans. Situated in one of London’s best hotels, you’ll feel luxury seeping into your veins with the first clop of your heel on the marble floors. In spite of appearances, the Artesian does its best to make you feel welcome and at home – with extraordinarily friendly service every step of the way.

The décor is a rich yet eclectic mix: purple leather seating, pagoda lanterns and monochrome-print carpeting but the drinks are what it’s all about. Technically this is a rum bar, but they execute everything to the nines – feel free to explore the spirit world here. For a drink that’s going to sweep up all the likes on Instagram (it tastes good too) try the Selfie Compatible, which you sip as well as inhale. Yes, inhale. Leather-aged cocktails have been on the menu for some time here, but the latest interpretation – Under My Skin – is nothing short of smoky spectacular.

The crowd varies from hotel guests to bar industry folk to cocktail-loving tourists, but no matter who you are — we guarantee you’ll leave here with a big boozy grin on your face. This is hotel bar with a twist and a splash of fun.

Best Bars tip: Prices are steep, so you likely won’t be parked here for the whole evening, but we reckon that £16.50 cocktail just might be the best you’ve ever tasted.

— Sasha Filimonov, @SashaSips

Artesian cocktail Digidiva

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