BrewDog Birmingham

BrewDog Birmingham

Stripped back stone interiors, visible brickwork, shade-less trendy lighting and blocky booths make BrewDog Birmingham typically cool and edgy (without anyone actually using the uncool words “cool” and “edgy”).

It is a glorious venue for lovers of craft ale, but probably best avoided for non-beer drinkers. The Punk IPA wins out if you’re not worried about alcohol content (a feisty 6%), while 5am Saint is advised for the less foolhardy. The food menu reads like standard pub fare but tastes superior, and BrewDog has been known to bring some of the coolest (there’s that word again!) London eateries to Birmingham for pop-up nights.

Expect a truly heaving Friday evening, with many a customer stopping in as part of the delightful mini-bar crawl of John Bright Street’s new and brilliant boozers.

Best Bars tip: Start with beers here, then move on for cocktails at the neighbouring Turtle Bay.

— Tom Cullen

BrewDog Birmingham

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