Treasure Chest Aloha LIverpool

Treasure Chest Aloha LIverpoolSo Tiki it hurts, Aloha’s Polynesian carvings, colourful flowery wallpaper and bars set in wooden shacks transport guests to tropical climes where rum is king and Piña Coladas are served in fresh pineapples.

This large basement bar attracts a fun crowd who are keen to dance in the packed room to classic songs and cheesy numbers.

The bar staff are quick off the draw, firing through drinks to quench the thirst of the throngs. Pirate’s Grog – Aloha’s house punch – is an easy-drinking, fruity number with mystery ingredients in it that will please even the fussiest of drinkers.

Best Bars tip: Groups should pre-book a booth, with different packages available that offer sharing drink options in treasure chests, Aloha Doubloons to spend or just spirit and mixers brought to the table.   

— Laura Foster

Rum Aloha Liverpool

Author: bestbarsuk

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