The Cocktail Shack

The Cocktail Shack Brighton collage

The Cocktail Shack BrightonA Tiki shack-style bar is the focal point at the bijou joint that is … The Cocktail Shack. Old furniture and vintage signs set the tone and the backdrop of Regency Square and Brighton’s skeletal West Pier remind you of where you are.

Rum is a key contender with over 20 to choose from. If that’s not your bag, try a twist on a Negroni, made with tequila – it’s a bittersweet and earthy number. For a savoury sensation, try the Truth Be Told with gin, coriander, pineapple and jalapeño water.

Curious cocktailians, holiday-makers from the hip hotel above and discerning Brightonians can be found sipping in this quality addition to the Brighton cocktail scene. If you can’t be bothered to go home, check in to the quirky Artist Residence hotel above.

Best Bars tip: The newly opened ping pong room downstairs is perfect for a round of rum punch pong or for a straight-up rally. It’s definitely one of the best looking tables we’ve ever seen, so grab your paddles pals.

— Lucy Britner, @Britner

The Cocktail Shack Brighton collage

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