184 Hackney Road

184 Hackney Road

184 Hackney RoadIf you’re looking for a taste of Mexico and want some good ol’ fashioned partying, head down to the kebab shop on Hackney Road … yes, the kebab shop. Or at least, below it. Basement bar 184 Hackney Road is a coming home of sorts, brought to you by the brains behind pop-up Quiquiriqui, which used to sit on the same site.

Not only do these guys know how to make a proper party spot, but they are slinging some of the finest hand-crafted mezcals around – including owner Melanie Symonds’ Quiquiriqui bottles. If you don’t indulge in the Mezcal Margarita Slushies, you’re just not doing it right. Once you’ve had that, try some of the smoky stuff neat while you get an education in the craft. Not ready for that yet? One of the seriously tasty cocktails courtesy of duo Stagg and Barber will do you well. Plus there are plenty of quality beers, real ciders and a banging backbar to keep all your mates satisfied.

With a 10p-per-play pinball machine and a dart board, this place oozes casual hipness with ease. We welcome 184 Hackney Road’s heavy dose of playfulness – it makes sure no one takes themselves too seriously in the land of beards.

Best Bars tip: After that down and dirty trip to Mexico, head back upstairs for your late-night kebab session at The Golden Grill. 

— Sasha Filimonov, @SashaSips

184 Hackney Road bar

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