Feather & Bone

Feather and Bone Cardiff fried chicken

Feather and Bone Cardiff fried chicken

*This bar is now closed.*

Where popular cocktail and mezze joint Pica Pica once stood, now sits Feather & Bone — a haven for American craft beer and comfort food.

Accompanying a selection of beers from across the pond, Feather & Bone boasts one of the most stomach satisfying menus in the capital. Ranging from ribs cooked low ‘n’ slow to buttermilk fried chicken, and from burgers stacked high to pulled pork buns — not to mention the fixin’s on the side — it’s not hard to see how the grand ole US of A is the most obese country in the world. But damn is it tasty. We recommend kicking back with a bottle of Blue Moon, a rack of ribs and a side of chilli cheese fries.

This is the perfect place to bring the kids for some burgers but it can also be the starting point for a heavy night (and we do mean heavy … after you’ve had your fill).

Best Bars tip: Head to Feather & Bone and make it the first stop on a craft beer crawl down Westgate Street, stopping at the various other bars along the way.

— Jordan Harris

Feather and Bone Cardiff tables

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