Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

Sticky Mike's Frog Bar Brighton
Sticky Mike's Frog Bar Brighton
© James Kendall

While Sticky Mike’s is predominantly known as a gig venue, it’s not unusual to find the ground floor packed, even when the tunes aren’t in full swing in the basement below. Walking in, the first thing you’ll notice is the colour. It’s adorned with trinkets, which include a selection of risqué books behind glass, as well as paintings, murals and artwork from tons of local artists. Even the loos have had a spray of graffiti.

If it is music you’re looking for, then downstairs is a good place to start. It’s usually got an interesting line-up of bands playing, as well as regular club nights.

This being something of a party bar (it only opens at 6pm) the drinks menu is wide-spanning – it’s got anything from fizz through to beer, ales and slush puppy cocktails. Feeling peckish? It also serves up homemade pizzas for a fiver until 2am, yes 2am.

Best Bars tip: This place is heaving (in a good way) when the town’s annual Great Escape music festival takes place each May. Make sure you head down and check out some up-and-coming bands.

— Heather Steele, @steeleheather

Stike Mike's Frog Bar Brighton gig

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