Rivoli Bar at The Ritz

Rivoli Bar The Ritz London cocktail

Rivoli Bar at The Ritz LondonStepping into this gilded art deco jewel box of a bar is like entering another world. With The Rivoli being the main bar at The Ritz London you may well conjure up all sorts of pre-conceived ideas as to what it might be like. All pale in comparison to the glitz of this Tessa Kennedy designed masterpiece. In short, The Ritz rocks hard!

It’s certainly one of the most eye-catching bars out there and the design is all at once, slick, art deco, glamorous and intricate. The room itself is really quite spacious and each table gives you a different view of this spectacular space. The soundtrack is classy jazz and it’s table service with all the trimmings type affair but without being overbearing. The cocktails here measure up to the surroundings and the spirits, wine and champagne selection is just as sterling as you’d expect it to be in a bar of such distinction. The Rivoli Bar pulls out all of the stops when it comes to service and despite this, you’ll probably spend a lot of time with your mouth open staring at the plush interiors — which the attentive staff are more than used to by now.

Glamorous drinks a plenty here. Our suggestions would be to try the Ramos Gin Fizz made with Tanqueray No 10 gin, orange blossom flower water, cream, lemon, and soda served in a golden goose egg on a nest of spun sugar. Equally tasty is The Bonaparte Mule made with Ketel One vodka, Mandarine Napoleon liqueur, vanilla and clementine syrup and ginger beer.

Best Bars tip: The Rivoli is open all day but looks even more dazzling at night. Get in just before six and grab a cool table adjacent to the bar so you can get the best view in the house.

— Matthew Bray-Heather

Rivoli Bar The Ritz London cocktail

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