Giant Robot

Giant Robot Clerkenwell

Giant Robot Clerkenwell

This bar is now closed. 

From the people that brought you Milk & Honey and The Player, comes Giant Robot, an Americano-Italian cocktail bar and diner in Clerkenwell.

Being a Rushmore venue, the cocktails consistently kick ass. We particularly like the Nicola Six, a raspberry vodka-based drink muddled with fresh cucumber and strawberries and topped up with something pink and fizzy. It’s an excellent way to unwind after work on Friday. If you’re sweet enough already, get the Negroni instead, you won’t be sorry (perhaps challenge yourself to a game of Negroni Tic-Tac-Toe … £5 off your bar bill if you complete a line). Food is towards the meaty end of the spectrum with sliders, burgers and balls. Lunch or an early post-work dinner is your best bet.

You’ll find a mix of after-work drinkers, couples, small groups and perhaps the odd first date going on – not that we’re speaking from experience, of course.

Best Bars tip: Get close to the action by getting there early and grab some seats in the lower level by the bar.

— Andrew Finnegan

Giant Robot Clerkenwell

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