J.W. Lennon’s

J W Lennon's Brighton pub

J W Lennon's Brighton pubWe found this place by accident, one rainy Sunday afternoon during that awkward period between 2.30-6pm. We were on the hunt for a roast. What we ended up with was a jumbo hot dog slathered in caramelised red onions, bacon bits and blue cheese sauce. And we weren’t sorry one little bit: unknown to us, we’d stumbled into one of our new favourite hangouts — J.W. Lennon’s.

The first thing you notice when walking into the joint is the sawdust. Yes, sawdust – all over the floor. The dog we had with us loved it. Yep, it’s pet friendly too. The second thing you’ll spot is the bar, which is surrounded by crates, casks of ale, pendant lamps and a smattering of old timey photos and signs. In fact, the whole place is covered in vintage machinery and knick knacks. Even the bar staff are uniformed in tweed waistcoats and flat caps, ol’ Americana style.

Drinks come in the form of a plethora of real ales, Brooklyn lager, local Dark Star original and ciders. The only food is the aforementioned Dirty Dawgs. Other flavours include one covered in ham, gherkins, mustard-mayo and ketchup (named In the Dog House) and one laden with jalapenos, avocados, sour cream and chili sauce (that would be a Barking Mad).

Best Bars tip: There’s a nice little beer garden out the back – a favourite spot for smokers. And the dogs, of course.

— Heather Steele, @steeleheather

J W Lennon's Brighton alfresco

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