The Liars Club

Liars Club Manchester bartenders and fire

Liars Club Manchester bartenders and fireA bright and flaming Tiki den, The Liars Club is all about having a real good raucous time. From cheeky flaring tricks from the bartenders to bangin’ reggae tunes to bamboo huts – you’d struggle not to cut loose down here.

Tiki is the name, and rum is the game … and they’re playing for keeps with over 100 different rums on the backbar. If you’re really going for it, order a Zombie – and while the fiery passionfruit husk flames on be careful not to set yourself alight. And to be honest, if your cocktail isn’t on fire here … you’re probably not doing it right. For one of the house signatures that’s only slightly less boozy, try the Sarsaparilla Soother – aka “the (self-proclaimed) best drink ever made” – made with Jamaican sarsaparilla root cordial, condensed milk, vanilla, Bacardi and Appleton Rums as well as a slew of other secret ingredients. This is rummy sweetness that’s bound to please.

The happy dancing drinkers here are a wonderful mishmash of young professionals, bar industry types, uni students and the like. And everyone is here to have fun, so don’t take yourself too seriously or you won’t get lei’d.

Best Bars tip: Prepare yourself for a wild and crazy night, and don’t be surprised when you walk outside and the sun is coming up.

— Sasha Filimonov, @SashaSips

The Liars Club Manchester

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