The Trafalgar Tavern

Trafalgar Tavern London exteriorSitting on the banks of the Thames in Greenwich, The Trafalgar Tavern is possibly one of the most attractive pubs in all of London and is a destination for locals and tourists alike.

Make no mistake, this is a grand building. Built in 1837 on the site of a former inn, it is a fine example of late Regency architecture and it quickly attracted the luminaries of the day. Dickens dined – and probably wrote! – there. Food is good but traditional, with the bar menu aimed pretty squarely at the passing trade, and drinks wise you’ll find standard pub booze. The whole point is really to come and soak in the history while admiring the stunning views of the river and listening to the water lap at the pub’s foundations.

Punters are mainly tourists, with visitors most likely stumbling over the place after getting off the river boats which disembark a short distance away. Its location on the Thames Path is something of a mixed blessing, making it easy to find but also very busy, particularly at weekends.

Best Bars tip: It’s all about the bay window overhanging the water. Bag this seat and you’ll feel like you’re sailing in an old galleon. Get there before late to secure it, or better still head there early in the summer weeks and enjoy a long lingering sunset over the City.

— Andrew Finnegan

Trafalgar Tavern bar

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