Alfie Bird’s

Alfie Birds BirminghamA delightful new addition to the Birmingham scene, Alfie Bird’s has four floors of revelry, all of which have a different feel – but the overriding theme is fun.

The gourmet pizza menu boasts easily the hardest pizza to order in the UK: Peter Pipers picked pickle and pulled pork pizza. The best one on the menu, though, is the smoking smoked salmon. For lubrication, cocktails are the order of the day with all packing a serious punch. If you’re asking us, and we guess that’s why you’re here, The Earl Grey White Lady and the Cherry Bakewell are top dogs.

Expect the chilled creative types that work in the Custard Factory to provide incredibly friendly company in this cool and unpretentious space.

Best Bars tip: Glorious Oompah bands are invited to their next door gig venue The Oobleck. Seek one out and attend.

— Tom Cullen

Alfie Birds Birmingham Libby's Lounge

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