Basement Sate

BASEMENT SATE Soho cocktails dessert

BASEMENT SATE Soho cocktails dessertSometimes, only the sweeter things in life will do … cocktails and puddings, that is. At the heart of Soho, Basement Sate is sure set to satisfy all your late night cravings.

It might be a pudding bar, but there’s a cocktail for everyone. The Arboriculturist is spicy and moreish, with calvados and cinnamon, while palates eager for something a bit drier can pick the long Eagle in the Tub with gin, white port, Fernet Branca and ginger ale. Food wise, order everything – but the Vacherin is sure a great place to start, with its lime meringue, basil cream and strawberry sorbet. The menu is unlikely to disappoint with Dorian Picard behind the helm, a pastry chef who was previously at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze.

The interior fits in with the theme: down the darkly lit stairs you’ll find a spacious but cosy basement with leather sofas, private booths and a beautifully lit backbar.

Best Bars tip: The puddings will change regularly, so keep coming back. Or take a trip to Paris to visit owner Cathleen McGarry’s other venue, Sherry Butt.

— Gaëlle Laforest, @gaellelaforest

Basement Sate Soho


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