Shoreditch Grind

Shoreditch Grind Espresso Martini

Shoreditch Grind backbarWhat do you mean, it’s just a coffee bar? Venture in a little bit past espresso hours and you’ll find different shots being poured, as Shoreditch Grind doubles up as a cocktail bar.

The black beans are still at the centre of the show, along with a few classics and a great selection of plates. Absolutely try the Hot Flat White Russian – this surprising take on the creamy cocktail is all too easy to drink. The Espresso Martini is also perfectly executed with quality beans to boot, but if you want something a bit lighter, the sweet and fresh Clover Club is a top pick.

With a few slices of cured meats and a bruschetta or two, perch yourself on a window stool to sip while you watch Old Street unfolding before your eyes.

Best Bars tip: The stairs? Shoreditch Grind actually triples up as a recording studio. And guess what, you can hire it out too.

— Gaëlle Laforest, @gaellelaforest

Shoreditch Grind crowd

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