Silk & Grain

Silk and Grain bartender cocktails

Silk and Grain Cocktail Bar Restaurant City LondonGrowing numbers of drinking dens feature barrels of aged cocktails on their bars nowadays, and City haunt Silk & Grain goes one step further in solidifying this trend with a whole programme of bottle-, barrel-, metal- and leather-aged cocktails.

There’s a handful of drinks available to try from the ageing programme, from the silky smooth bottle-aged Cosmopolitan (our favourite) to the bittersweet barrel-aged Hanky Panky. Both drinks change in their aged forms: in the case of the Cosmo, the drink becomes fruitier, while the Hanky Panky has some of its herbal flavour rounded out. The food menu sticks to well-trodden classic dishes done well, such as scallops, bacon and pea purée, steak and chocolate fondant.

The smart glass and concrete room attracts workers from the area who are as happy sipping on the bottles of ales from around the world as they are the mixed drinks.

Best Bars tip: To really understand what all the fuss is with aged cocktails, order a freshly-made version to sip alongside the aged one. You’ll definitely notice the difference. 

— Laura Foster

Silk and Grain City London


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