Oporto Leeds live music

Oporto Leeds hot dog eating contestOporto is a must-visit for music lovers and late night revellers. This Leeds rock bar certainly lives up to its slogan/hazard warning of “Go Hard or Go Home”. Prepare yourself: you’re in for a night of heavy music, all night partying and shots, lots and lots of shots.

The bar hosts a decent range of continental lagers, ciders and bitters on tap and as for a drinks menu, for now Oporto keeps up an 18-year tradition of offering up walking, talking drinks menus – aka your bartenders. These guys know their booze so after a quick chat they’ll rustle up something for your taste, whether its a sweet Raspberry Caprioska or an extra-boozy twist on an Old Fashioned. It’s also common knowledge that no one leaves the bar without downing a shot. They’re almost inescapable.

Aside from its reputation as the wild child on the Leeds bar scene, Oporto is renowned for showcasing the best rock and indie music. Weekdays live music is played in a backroom decked out with artwork inspired by an old bohemian theatre. Live DJs take over Thursday through to Saturday playing a mix of old and new tunes until doors close at 4am. By this time, the crowd’s eclectic, so you could be partying with anyone and pretty much anything can happen (hmmm, what to do when a bartender sets fire to his shoes?).

Best Bars tip: Go Dogging. No seriously, it’s essential party fuel. Oporto’s Dogging Club hot dogs are served until 1am and are seriously tasty. Keep an eye out for the regular Crufts competitions, the ultimate battle of the (hot) dogs.

— Mieke-Kyra Smith, @mieke_chu

Oporto Leeds live music

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