Lion & Lobster

The Lion and Lobster Brighton exterior

The Lion and Lobster Brighton exteriorHovering somewhere between the borders of Brighton and Hove is this labyrinthine gem of a pub. Although you might get lost inside The Lion & Lobster, the building itself isn’t hard to find: its 19th century exterior is painted red top-to-bottom. The palette continues inside, where this scarlet hue is matched with dark wood panelling, brass banisters and mahogany furniture.

As well as a restaurant, the space includes three separate bars (one of which will happily screen the footy) and plenty of hidden nooks and crannies – perfect for a first date or for when you want to get your gang together without the rest of the pub watching on.

While its wine list isn’t especially remarkable, we’re always happy to sip Sharp’s Doom Bar and Special pale ale, both of which are on tap. It’s also got your typical selection of spirits and soft drinks.

Best Bars tip: It can get very busy when the sun’s out. Customers vie for a space on its lovely, but compact roof garden. Those wanting a bit more shade will appreciate its lower alfresco spot, which has the added benefit of its own bar. We hear the Sunday roasts are pretty good too.

— Heather Steele, @steeleheather

Lion and Lobster Brighton food

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