Purnell’s Bistro & Ginger’s Bar

Purnell's Bistro and Ginger's Bar Birmingham 2Michelin-starred chef Glynn Purnell is the toast of Birmingham and his nearby restaurant is the place to go for the finest of fine dining. His more affordable Purnell’s Bistro (which confusingly has a bar called Ginger’s) is where to go for cocktails.

Unsurprisingly – given that the menu is supervised by the man himself – the food is divine (try the fishcakes) but the head barman Danny is the real star of the show. The Sunday Roast Cocktail is the stuff of Brum legend, including lamb-infused rum (ask if it’s not on the menu), while bacon bourbon is also a surprising hit. Those more inclined to keep their animals on a plate/in a field might like the champagne with crystallised fruit caviar.

In the heart of Birmingham’s business district it’s a mecca for the besuited men and beblazered women (that’s not a word, is it?) that demand the very best in a glass. And they get it.

Best Bars tip: They do superb cocktail masterclasses, but hardly publicise them. So ask around.

— Tom Cullen

PUrnell's Bistro and Ginger's Bar Birmingham Gin and Tonics

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