Modern Love

Modern love blackboard 2

Modern Love bar

*This bar is now closed.*

Modern Love is bringing the dive bar back to Shoreditch. And while you may turn your nose up and deem this contrived, just keep an open mind and mosey on down. It won’t disappoint. This is a genuine east London party throwback.

Drinks are served in plastic cups (think American college frat party … standard). Go for whisky, or beer and a shot — aka a boilermaker — or try one of the 2 for £10 cocktails from the short menu. Either way, don’t be too fancy.

With blackboard walls, plenty of chalk, and an easygoing crowd bopping about to garage rock — don’t be surprised at the more adult content drawn up on the walls. You can even have a go at one-upping them yourself. And remember, downstairs is for dancing. End of.

Best Bars tip: Picklebacks are a big thing here. Get involved or get out. *Or stay and jump around, either way.*

— Sasha Filimonov, @SashaSips

Modern love blackboard 2

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