Beaufort Bar at The Savoy

Beaufort Bar at The Savoy

Beaufort Bar at The SavoyThe Beaufort Bar at The Savoy is an art deco masterpiece and one of the singularly most decadent drinking holes in London. And by hole, we mean hotel extraordinaire. Walking in, you’ll feel every ounce special occasion — even if it’s just a Monday after-work tipple. Even though the Beaufort is a new addition following the 2011 multi-million refurb, the bar is set up on the hotel’s former cabaret stage where legendary performers used to entertain. From Frank Sinatra to Marilyn Monroe, the world’s greatest have whiled away the hours here … and you should too.

Since the bar’s a stage, it’s only appropriate that the drinks be theatrical. And boy, are they. The menu itself is a work of art — a pop-up book that you’ll want to take home — and you can for a cool 50 squids. To start, try the fresh yet insanely balanced Embankment Gardens. This is a straight-up citrus number that is just sharp enough with a beautiful earthiness from the fig syrup. The bartenders even collect the figs themselves from the neighbouring gardens. If you’re finishing off your evening, then order The Ratification — a drink that takes inspiration from Italian and Mexican flavours. Made with Rattafia, Martini Rosato that’s pressure infused with fresh strawberries, mezcal, tequila blanco, a bit of Kahlua and is garnished with an edible shot of freeze-dried raspberries and chocolate coffee beans which coats your mouth and as you drink through the drink, it enhances the flavour.

Every night you’ll be treated to live music, so it’s perfect for really impressing a date. Lush, luxurious and incredibly special.

Best Bars tip: You’ll be hard pressed to find a better setting than this to watch cabaret. And over 80 years after they first started at The Savoy, Cabaret Evenings are back at the Beaufort — taking place on the first Sunday of every month. Top talent from around the world come in to give you a show filled with acrobatics, hula hoops, magic, juggling and more.

— Sasha Filimonov, @SashaSips

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