Call Me Mr Lucky

call me mr lucky Southwark
Call Me Mr Lucky Southwark
© Andy Barnham

Typical of the Breakfast Club not-so-secret secret bars, Call Me Mr Lucky is hidden away from London Bridge customers. You’ll have to be taken through the kitchens to get to this little happy place, where tequila flows and there’s plenty of luck to be had.

Mr Lucky loves a pun and the menu is filled with them. Elvis sure wouldn’t mind the Shrub Me Tender, with reposado tequila, kumquats, pineapple and a ginger shrub – tangy and tropical with a little spice. Want flavours you’ve never tasted together before? The Rocket-man mixes tequila, fresh rocket and mint, crème de cacao blanc and coconut water: it’s green, savoury, a little peppery and an almost healthy option – fit for the bar’s medicine bottles which they serve the cocktails in.

The space feels a little like an indoors beach hut with a little Spanish touch to it, with feria posters, colourful Chinese lanterns and customers’ writings adorning the ceiling. It’s a bar to be played with in all possible ways – and with some luck, you’ll win.

Best Bars tip: Spin the fortune wheel on the wall for chances to win shots by making origami or singing Britney – or even free shots for everyone.

— Gaëlle Laforest, @gaellelaforest

call me mr lucky Southwark
© Andy Barnham

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