Pimp Shuei

pimp shuei

pimp shueiWhen you walk down the stairs into basement dive bar Pimp Shuei, you also step back a few decades, to the 70s and 80s heyday of kung-fu and arcade games. Martial arts murals adorn the walls, including a huge purple dragon across the front of the bar, and boom-box televisions play black-and-white kung-fu classics.

There’s a good, short cocktail list at Pimp Shuei, with a larger selection in the pipeline, but you’re probably going to end up drinking Tsingtao beer and shots of tequila, all to a backdrop of some classic cheesy tunes.

Proceeds from the arcade games go to charity, so there’s even more incentive to line up a drink and bash some buttons like it’s 1979.

Best Bars tip: The arcade machines contain hundreds of games, so ask a bartender if you’ve got a classic in mind. And look out for film nights at the bar in the near future.

— Clinton Cawood

Pimp Shuei arcade game

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