5CC Electricity Showrooms

5cc Electricity Showrooms Hoxton

5cc Electricity Showrooms Hoxton5CC under Electricity Showrooms is a happy addition to the Hoxton bar family. Similar in design to its 5CC brethren, this bar has moved away from the spirit focus and is concentrating more on the fun (note: the light-up disco dancefloor).

You can have any classic you want here, but we say try one of the house-made twists. For those wanting a BIG drink, try the Chip Chip with chipotle-infused mezcal, tequila, cynar, lime and agave. Or start off easy with a Bram Bram — white rum, blackberry shrub, lemon and soda. Refreshing, tart and lightly sweet.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated sipping session in this part of town, then 5CC fits the bill to a tee. Slink into one of the leather booths, then as the hours tick by, be prepared for a bit of a boogie — I mean, can you really resist that neon dancefloor?

Best Bars tip: This place is perfect for group drinking, serving up boozy punches in barrels that range from One Punch Knockouts (a Caribbean dream) to Ruby Soho Fizzes (the self-proclaimed “easy one”).

— Sasha Filimonov, @SashaSips

5cc Electricity Showrooms Hoxton

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