Salvatore’s Bar at Playboy Club

Salvatores Bar at Playboy Club London cocktails

Salvatores Bar at Playboy Club LondonOne of the very best in the business at what he does, Salvatore Calabrese always delivers. As expected, the drinks are exceptional, but at Salvatore’s Bar, you can really feel the magic of the Maestro as you are welcomed into his world for an amazing evening of dazzling indulgence.

You are graciously greeted upon entering and then escorted through to the main bar, walking past a honeycomb-style display cabinet filled with Salvatore’s private collection of liquid history which is in itself an astonishing sight to behold. Then you’ll head on into the softly candlelit piano bar where you see the glittering honeycomb backbar. Amidst the glitz and glamour of the “live the dream” Playboy brand is a space that manages to deliver exactly what a world-class cocktail bar should. The ridiculously cool Liquid History list is the other star of the show here and if your pockets run deep enough, you can sip away on a glass of 1788  Clos de Griffier Vieux Cognac at £5,000 a glass!

The Sherry Cobbler is a killer cocktail made with elderberry sugar, sherry and sour cherry wine served in an ice-encrusted julep tin that is in a word, delicious. For something with a bit more kick try the super-tasty Marked Man; made with Maker’s Mark bourbon, Campari, freshly pressed orange juice, mint and ginger.

Best Bars tip: Try and get in a little early to grab a Breakfast Martini at the bar with Salvatore and you’ll see for yourself why he holds court in the drinks world as the host with the most.

— Matthew Bray-Heather

Salvatores Bar at Playboy Club London cocktails

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