Purple Bar at Sanderson

Purple Bar Sanderson London interior

Purple Bar Sanderson London interiorAlthough primarily reserved for hotel guests, it is possible to get into this legendary bar if you go about it the right way. Ring ahead and if it’s not busy, they will usually let you and someone special in for a drink or two. Then you’ll get to enter the subtly lit Purple Bar — which truly is, something quite out of the ordinary.

Adjacent to the concierge area of the Sanderson and its Long Bar, you’ll find a room of deep, rich purple velvet that evokes romance and intimacy. The ceiling is made up of studded purple leather and the bar itself is a huge piece of granite with flowing silk curtains covering the wall behind it. Some of London’s top bartending talent cut their teeth here and this tradition remains a constant. A strong cocktail menu is available, yet the service here is all about the intimate experience and thus they love to create bespoke drinks for their guests. A bar like this could really have only come from the imagination of the brilliant designer/architect Phillip Starck or Lewis Carroll, as it is, after all, curiously spectacular.

To get the best out of the experience you should definitely try a drink made especially for you to your taste specifications. If this seems all a bit much and you just want to delve into the menu, maybe try the Wordless Martini with 42 Below manuka honey vodka, green chartreuse, Luxardo maraschino and fresh pineapple juice. If you want to splash the cash, check out their awesome vintage cocktails such as the B&B King made with 1940 Martell Extra and 1940 Benedictine for upwards of £300.

Best Bars tip: Always ring ahead to check if you can reserve a table, always be nice about it and always take someone you love to pieces. Once inside spoil yourself with a few personalised cocktails. The name of the game here is bespoke, in a perfectly purple way of course.

— Matthew Bray-Heather

Purple Bar Sanderson London cocktails

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