The 10 Best Bars for Beard Spotting in London

Modern Love Old Street shots

From neatly trimmed numbers to caveman stylings, London is awash in all things beard. So even though Movember is all about the ‘stache, here’s our round up of the best bars to check out some chins. *And they’re all great boozers too.*

Modern Love Old Street shots

1. Modern Love

An outstanding array of facial hair (both behind the bar and not), but you’re going to come here for the divey vibes, bang-on tunes, straightforward drinks and late-night partying.

Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar London

2. Hawksmoor Spitalfields

The staff here sport some seriously impressive facial hair, and you’re bound to see a few hairy punters too. Eats are meaty, drinks are sexy. All in all — beard or no beard — you’ll love this joint.

Talented Mr Fox cocktail
© @MattTheList —

3. Talented Mr Fox

Say hello to bearded champion Ally behind the stick, where you’ll find him whipping out boozy numbers like the fresh and rummy Young Cuban or the sumptuous scotch-filled Dewars Or Don’t.

Well and Bucket Bethnal Green Road4. Well and Bucket

A trendy, beer-focused Bethnal Green Road boozer, which blends all the trademarks of a traditional pub with classic East End edginess. What does this all mean? Beards. A lot of ’em.

Moustache Bar Dalston5. Moustache Bar

Need we say more?

The Grafton Kentish Town6. The Grafton

Roaring fires, a rooftop terrace and insanely good pub grub. This Kentish Town haunt covers all bases (and beards).

The Water Poet Spitalfields bar7. The Water Poet

This east London pub houses hundreds of Shoreditch revellers every weekend — naturally, they’re often a bearded bunch. This good-natured gargantuan haunt has something for everyone: pool tables, a beer garden, a screening room and sexy Sunday roasts.

The Dove, Broadway Market, Hackney8. The Dove

A trip to the wonderfully hip (yet ever-so-charming) Broadway Market isn’t complete without ducking into this maze-like pub. Whether you’re into pilsners, guezes or trappists, you’ll be spoilt for choice by a tome-like drinks list.

The Sun Tavern bar high res9. The Sun Tavern

This Irish whiskey-loving den on Bethnal Green Road is introducing you to Ireland’s version of moonshine: poitín … and well, it’s bloody brilliant. Don’t have a beard? Don’t worry. A few drinks here should sprout some hairs on that chin.

Duck and Waffle Rich Woods10. Duck & Waffle

Because of that beard (and bang awesome drinks). Ever tried a Blue Cheese and Chocolate Martini? No? Well you should.

— Sasha Filimonov, @SashaSips

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