El Camion (The Pink Chihuahua)

El Camion SohoAn industry mecca, El Camion is where the drinks trade comes to party late into the night and sink back tequilas. Dick Bradsell, a legend himself, can sometimes be spotted behind the bar shaking up Espresso Martinis — and he invented them, so you know they’ll be good.

You’d be wise to start off with his coffee cocktail, since this place is open until 3am Monday through Saturday — and there’s no such thing as a quiet drink down here. You come for one, but leave after … well, we can’t remember. If you order tequila shots (and there are literally hundreds of varieties), they’ll be accompanied by homemade sangrita — a pomegranate spicy sipper that cuts through any of that after-kick. Of course, you’ve got to try the famous house cocktail – the Pink Chihuahua – sweet, fruity and ready for a party.

There’s no need to drink on an empty belly since the kitchen dishes out tacos and other Mexican treats until 2am.

Best Bars tip: Swing by for a bite upstairs and ask to get a membership card, this should speed up the entry process on all of your subsequent visits.

— Sasha Filimonov, @SashaSips

El Camion Soho

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